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Youth Local Networks - Hillingdon and Hounslow

The primary objective of the Hillingdon and Hounslow Youth Local Network is  to provide support to youth organisations and projects through:

  • Capacity Building, fundraising advice, group development, networking opportunities and one-on-one problem solving surgeries.
  • Becoming a vehicle to attract substantial external funding to expand the long term suitability of the youth sector in Hillingdon, Ealing and Hounslow.
  • Help YLF fund-holders co-ordinate and promote YLF activities to young people in their locality, facilitate multi-agency working and ensure links with existing local activity
  • Share good practice between YLF fund-holders
  • Undertake training needs analysis with members to shape the wider training programme to be provided by the GLA’s ‘Impact for Youth’ support
  • Help generate local community proposals and support potential bidders to YLF Round;
  • Be youth-led – ensuring that young people are effectively and appropriately engaged in the development and delivery of the networks;
  • Support YLF fund-holders efforts to develop sustainable business models

The key benefit of the new YLFLN will be:

·         To attract major new external funding for local youth activities

·         Empower smaller youth groups

·         Encourage wider partnership working, sharing best practice and joined up service delivery by the large number of VCS groups working with young people

·  Provide a powerful new voice for young people in Hillingdon and Hounslow -Instead of duplicating services we hope to incorporate the voice of young people through your youth council

EHCVS and our partners are currently designing a new Youth Social Action project to begin January 2022 with funding from the GLA. This partnerships consists of Each Counselling, Heston Big West Local, Spark and HACS with Ealing and Hounslow CVS being the lead partner. 

The project is currently in the planning stage with a bid being submitted to the GLA in November 2021 with delivery of the project to start soon after if approved.  A survey to young people is currently being compiled to gain insight as to the requirements and needs of young people, as well as the mapping of other young people’s services in Ealing and Hillingdon.
So far it is agreed that the aims of the Young People’s Social Action project  will be :
• To focus on the well-being of our young people, understanding and removing their barriers to participation and opportunity
• To deliver quality services which are user led and achieve a high impact
• To draw on our complementary strengths and harness our respective skills and assets
• To ensure the project has sufficient reach and depth of coverage across the 2 boroughs
• To exploit and draw on the partnerships shared history and experience (of what works/doesn’t)
• To bring creativity and innovation to the fore
• To provide wrap-around support in the form of a total package
• To put our community at the heart of the project and the social action

The key facets/aspects of our approach will be
• Place based / community driven – taking advantage of the post-pandemic increased focus on place and proximity (eg the 15 min city/borough)
• ‘Able -Bodied’ young people buddying and mutually supporting young people with disabilities through focusing together on social action project locally
• End goals to include a variety of individual and community impacts including:
Social Inclusion/integration – eg through better understanding of autism and young people’s autistic worlds. Neighbourliness. Strong(er) Communities

Practical outcomes/deliverables will be
• Finances / assets and how to manage them
• Fewer ‘stigmas’ associated with accessing (social/public) services
• Involving young people in the co-design/co-delivery of services (users of today will be service deliverers of tomorrow)
• A charter for young people – ie a checklist similar to a diversity/equalities audit or environmental impact statement which all local government decisions have to show they have addressed (eg the Future Gen check – developed in Wales/Welsh Assembly)

Based on the findings of the survey, this will help shape and define the project further.  If the funding bid is successful, this will be a two year project that will begin in January 2022.