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Youth Futures Foundation launches grants programme to tackle youth unemployment

Mar 25, 2020 | Funding

Our rolling grants programme is now live.  We are launching at a time of unprecedented challenge as we all grapple with the impact of Covid-19.  We know there will be significant implications for young people and the organisations that support them.
Separately to our planned launch the Youth Futures Foundation is doing two key things:
1. We are calling for government to unlock an emergency support package for charities and social enterprises working with children and young people.
2. We are working in partnership with other funders to develop a nationwide emergency funding response for the youth, community and employment sector. If you are seeking urgent funding to sustain your organisation over the next 3-6 months, this may be more appropriate for you than our rolling grants programme.
Rapid funding for the sector is critical, but we know from speaking to many of you over the past few days that long-term funding is also crucial. In launching our grants programme today as planned, we hope to be as helpful as possible with our simple-to-access, rolling grants programme, so that you can focus on the vital work of supporting some of the most vulnerable young people in our communities now and in the future.
It has been our longstanding intention to launch our grants programmes in Spring 2020, with the objective to find, fund, support and evaluate promising practice and to understand what works when tackling youth unemployment.
After listening to youth organisations we have decided to proceed with our funding launch as planned. Many organisations are finding innovative ways to continue delivering services and making plans for the coming years, and need to know how these activities will be funded.
Our new fund will be distributed to organisations across England that have a promising track record of supporting young people who face barriers to accessing employment. We will fund delivery work and related overhead costs for specific programmes, entire organisations, partnerships or consortiums. Our aim is to fund in the most helpful and flexible way possible for grant recipients. In addition, we will provide capacity building support to help organisations strengthen and grow their work. Our rolling programme allows organisations to apply throughout the year, with quarterly decision making rather than separate rounds or deadlines.
The launch of this fund is an important first step in our ability to build a lasting, robust evidence base of what works to help those young people who face the most challenges moving into work. Our aim is that this learning can help to better support policy makers, employers, funders and commissioners to ensure that all young people can pursue meaningful and sustained economic pathways for the future.
In the face of Covid-19 our work has become more important than ever. When this crisis passes there will be more young people with gaps in their education, more young people with inadequate training and more young people out of work. We are committed to addressing this now and for the long term.
Grants programme full details here

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