Writing Funding Bids

Writing Funding Bids – Information on how to write good funding bids and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Ealing and Hounslow CVS offers support to organisations looking for project funding. Funders have limited resources and the competition is fierce.  Our advice, resources and training help you to ensure your bids meet all of the funders’ requirements and have every chance of success.

Questions to consider before applying for funding:

Does the funder fund the kind of project you are proposing?

Is there information on their website of previous projects they have funded? 

Are they willing to have an initial telephone conversation about your project before you prepare the bid?

Have you researched into whether there are any similar projects in the locality that might limit funding potential? E.g. Awards For All will not offer funding if there is a similar project in the area they have funded via another organisation.

Are you able to provide evidence that your project is needed?

Resources to download before applying including general rules of thumb and specific funder guidelines

Common reasons bids fail 

Writing a good funding bid

Key quality standards in the voluntary sector  You can also read this information on our website

Consortium and partnership development guidance  You can also read this information on our website

Sources of Statistics and Support for your Funding Application 

Training and other support 

Ealing and Hounslow CVS Funding and Group Development officers can support with funding applications but can not write them on behalf of an organisation. We offer regular training opportunities and bid writing workshops. Details can be found in our enews 

There are also a series of free short course videos NCVO Knowhow NonProfit  Write a winning Funding Bid.