Update on National Lottery Funding

Apr 21, 2020

National Lottery money has been aligned with the Government money and they will only be giving out grants of up to 6months.

They will not be offering any awards greater than £100,000 for the six month period and hope to be able to support more local smaller groups if possible.  It will in effect be a one stage process as far as the customer is concerned, they will gather as much information as possible at the submission and if necessary in a conversation and decisions will be based on that detail provided.  They are asking however that due to the volume of applications customers try to keep their application to no more than a page of A4.

As detailed on their website they will prioritise applications from:

  • Organisations supporting people who are at high risk from COVID-19
  • Organisations supporting communities most likely to face increased demand and challenges as a direct result of measures to prevent the result of COVID-19
  • Organisations with high potential to support communities with the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19

They will support organisations who fit these priorities with funding for activities specifically geared to supporting communities through this crisis.

They will also consider how we can support such organisations to respond to any acute financial difficulties they might face as a result of the crisis.

In a short summary, no more than a page of A4, they will ask for the following information:

  • Outline how an organisation fits with one or more of the priorities
  • What would this funding cover?
    • If new / additional activity, please describe what the activity would involve, who it will help and why you think it will support the community at this particular time of crisis
    • If core costs, please outline the organisation’s current financial position and how our funding can help e.g.
      • Do they now expect to draw on reserves during the next 6-9 months if available?
      • If yes, what is the gap in income they need to cover?
      • How many month’s unrestricted, free reserves do they currently hold if applicable? How many month’s operating costs would this cover?
      • Are you receiving/expecting to receive any additional support from other funders, or funding sources to support with core costs? (including Local Authority)
      • Please note they can’t fund any costs that will be covered from other funding, including government funding responding to the Covid-19 crisis.
    • Please can they also send them what they have of the following documentation:
      • Cashflow forecast for next 12 months
      • Latest annual accounts (unless we hold these as part of ongoing grant management)
      • Latest bank statement
  • What time period would the funding cover?
  • How much funding is a group requesting?

For more information about applying for grants from £300-£10,000 click here
For more information about applying for grants above £10,000 click here

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