University of West London- placements for Education Studies and Early Years Education Undergrads

Nov 11, 2020

Host a Placement for Education and Early Years Students 
UWL students working towards degrees in Education Studies and Early Years Education are looking to carry out their placements in a variety of educational, voluntary and public facing settings. Are you interested/able to host a student in 2020/2021?

Example Placements – Education Studies

Example Placements – Early Years Education

Charities or NGOs
Primary and secondary schools, pupil referral units (learning mentors, TAs, administration)
FE Colleges (eg educational administration)
Think tanks
Community centres (eg youth workers, community development workers)
Research projects (eg research assistants)

Nurseries (TAs, room leads)
Primary schools, pupil referral units, SEN schools
NHS (Hospitals, Units (eg health play specialists)
Social work (eg family support workers)
NGOs (eg play therapists)
Community centres
Child psychotherapy
Children’s charities
Local authority/council (eg administration roles such as quality assistants for EY)

If you’d like to discuss a placement in more detail, please contact Nadia Duale, Placements Officer for Education:

HCN Twitter