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SAMARITAN GRANTS,£100 – £2,000 : PROJECT GRANTS:£1,000 – 5,000+ &‘PARTNERS FOR HEALTH’:Grants can be up to £10,000–Deadline: 11th January, 2022

Oct 28, 2021 | Community, News and Reviews, Uncategorized

SAMARITAN GRANTS: Deadline: 11th January, 2022
£100 – £2,000 Grants can be repeated annually subject to available resources, evidence of need and satisfactory reporting

PROJECT GRANTS: Deadline: 11th January, 2022
£1,000 – 5,000+ depending on the purpose, outcomes and size of the budget. A larger grant can sometimes be made if there is a likelihood of significant impact and it matches a current priority.

‘PARTNERS FOR HEALTH’: Deadline: 11th January, 2022
This is our collaborative programme normally launched in February each year. Grants can be up to £10,000 to fund a new approach or a thoughtful development of service for people experiencing significant barriers to health, in partnership with an expert health agency/provider. More details are available on our website.

We prioritise small and medium sized organisations; normally those with an annual income of less than £500,000. This is does not exclude groups with a larger income if the organisation has the resources and expertise that make it best placed to deliver a service or it is in partnership with local groups. We fund charitable groups and not-for-profit social action projects. The trustees will consider requests from CIOs and CICs subject to a review of the purpose, expertise and governance; we would expect an executive board of at least three unrelated directors.

Other dates 

The dates of our 2022 Grants Scrutiny Committee meetings for Project and Samaritan grant applications are:

  • 8th February 2022
  • 3rd May 2022
  • 6th September 2022
  • 15th November 2022

Grant applications must be received at the very least, four weeks before these dates. We encourage you to get your application to us as early as you can – try not to leave it until the deadline.

For more information Click  here

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