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Safeguarding Resources and Links

Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone. Protecting and safeguarding people is a governance priority for all charities, community groups and social enterprises. On this page you can find useful resources about protecting children, young people and adults from harm and abuse.

Government guidelines make clear that safeguarding is a fundamental part of operating as a charity for the public benefit and that trustees must take reasonable steps to protect from harm people who are in contact with your organisation.

At EHCVS we support organisations to understand the role that they play in protecting service users. We run safeguarding training so that organisations can meet the safeguarding compliance requirements set by funding organisations. We can also offer groups the chance for a 1-2-1 session going through a safeguarding checklist. Safeguarding Audits and more.

Please email the officers below for further information:

Iain Elliott: ( Hounslow)

Nyoka Lewis : Ealing)


Find out more about the basics of safeguarding

Click here

Information for trustees of all charities, who already understand the basic idea of safeguarding.

Click here

Find out how to think about safeguarding during recruitment, including role descriptions, interviews, getting references, and when to carry out criminal record checks.

Click here

A set of guides presented as collections of web pages each focused on different aspects of safeguarding.

Click here

Understand the key safeguarding documents you will need with links to templates and tools for creating them.

Click here

What charities and formal voluntary organisations need to consider in meeting their safeguarding duties during the covid-19 pandemic.

Click here

Your organisation needs to have the right safeguarding policy in place when working with volunteers.

Click here

All voluntary organisations that work with the general public need to be aware of their safeguarding responsibilities under the law.

Click here

Safeguarding in your organisation may not be managed by a single individual – it could also be covered by a team.

Click here

You can use checklists, tools and frameworks to review what your organisation is already doing for safeguarding and what else needs doing.

Click here 

This handbook is a quick reference guide to help you understand and carry out your role.

Click here

If your organisation works with children or adults at risk, the Charity Commission expects your organisation to have a safeguarding lead.

Click here

Your organisation will need a plan to make sure that its policies and procedures are being well used and that it is making everyone aware of how to stay safe.

Click here

One of the designated safeguarding leads main responsibilities will be receiving, assessing and managing any safeguarding concerns.

Click here

Safeguarding Policy template - adult

To see the template click here Safeguarding Adults Policy Template

Safeguarding Policy template - children and young people

To see the template policy click here Model Child Protection Policy Template June 21

Whatever the concern, once you have assessed it, your next task is to monitor and log any new information or actions as they arise.

Click here 

You should have policies which are based on the guidance from your local safeguarding children and safeguarding adults team and remind you of their guidance on reporting safeguarding concerns.

Click here

When you are managing safeguarding concerns where either your organisation or your staff, volunteers. trustees or anyone in contact with your organisation has caused harm or pose a risk to individuals you will usually need to make a number of different reports.

Click here

Safeguarding and record keeping

Click here

Key principles for setting up, running and reviewing effective whistleblowing arrangements.

Click here

Videos of safeguarding training