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Digital Skills Program

Digital Skills Program

Empowered by The Pathways’ generous funding, EHCVS is proud to spearhead a free digital skills program. Our goal is to eliminate digital exclusion and uplift the residents of Ealing, Brentford, and Hanwell into the world of digital proficiency.


Digital Skills Program

The Digital Skills Program is a vital initiative that aims to promote digital literacy and connectivity in the communities of Ealing, Hanwell, and Brentford. This comprehensive digital literacy program is designed to empower people of all ages with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world confidently and securely. Participants from diverse backgrounds will benefit greatly from gaining proficiency in using computers, laptops, and mobile devices, mastering the art of digital correspondence, and understanding online safety and security practices. Ultimately, the project’s overarching goal is to bridge the digital divide, cultivate digital literacy, and contribute to a safer and more connected society within these communities.


What will people learn in the course?

Gain proficiency in the utilization of computers and smart devices.

Create and make effective use of your own email account.

Strengthen your awareness of security practices.

Discover the diverse landscape of online entertainment.


Course Objective!

The objective of completing this course is to equip participants with essential digital literacy and skills. They will gain the ability to effectively utilize computing devices, make informed choices between computer types, proficiently use mobile devices, master digital correspondence, enhance online safety and security awareness, and explore diverse online entertainment options. Ultimately, participants will be well-prepared to navigate the digital world confidently and securely, fostering creativity, professional communication, and responsible online engagement.

Course’s timeline, and its location?

The course consists of four weekly sessions, with one session taking place each week.

The initial course will be hosted at West Ealing Library, located at Melbourne Avenue, West Ealing W13 9BT.

Subsequent courses will be conducted in both Brentford and Hanwell, ensuring accessibility and convenience for participants in various locations.

Enroll in the course now for Free!

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