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Acton Connect

May 11, 2023

Acton Connect

A Community Connections project which brings accessible, inclusive, community-focused activities to Acton.

All Acton Connect activities are completely free for members of the public, ranging from arts and crafts, adult drawing and sketching, knitting, chess, scrabble club, walk and talks, yoga, gardening, English classes and more!

Classes, workshops, clubs, and other similar events are a fantastic way to meet new people; we want to strengthen communities by linking people together and building large networks of like-minded individuals that can share their passions and interests.

Acton Connect aims to reduce social isolation by supporting residents to put on events and activities in community spaces. We want to ensure that there is a space where readers, artists, gardeners, students, residents, and athletes can thrive or try something brand new.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us value the importance of face-to-face social interactions and socialising in a different space – Acton Connect activities are the perfect opportunity for in-person communication and engagement. This project also encourages discussions surrounding health and wellbeing, including talks with the NHS and local fire brigades about how to keep safe.


Find Community Connections activities near you.

Interested in getting involved in one of our many activities on offer? Check out our events calendar –Activity Timetable March. 


Volunteer with the Acton Connect project.

Would you like to volunteer to run a free activity in Acton? Maybe you want to lead a walk and talk at your local park, organise a community litter pick, or run a creative skills workshop. Contact Elizabeth Baines at to find out how to get volunteering today!


Get involved as an organisation or group.

Are you an organisation or a group with free to access events to add to the Community Connections calendar? Or an organisation or group looking for volunteers or a venue to run your free community activities?

Contact Elizabeth Baines at EHCVS are more than happy to help promote free events and activities in the project’s designated area.


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