One Hounslow: Your Neighbourhood Grant

Oct 14, 2021

This new grant has been developed to support projects that have the backing of the local Ward Councillors and will directly address the needs of the residents in their wards.

Applications of up to £1,000 are welcomed from community organisations and informal groups of residents who have developed, in partnership with their local Councillors, projects that will improve their local community.

The Your Neighbourhood Grant will be targeted at a ward level and we are keen to support the following key priority areas:

Making the community greener by improving the local environment

Responding to the needs of the local community

Improving health and wellbeing

Increasing the level of community engagement and interaction

Apply for this grant

The Your Neighbourhood Grant is now open for applications on a rolling basis

Proposals for funding can be submitted until 1 March 2022

Applications can be made using a simple Application Form  – which you can obtain by emailing:

You can read the full guidance notes about the Your Neighbourhood Grant here

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