Looking For Volunteers?

Looking for volunteers? 

Why register with Ealing and Hounslow Volunteer Centre? 

  • Brokerage service to recruit volunteers to help you 
  • Advertise your volunteering opportunities on our website 
  • Bi-monthly e-news for volunteer managers in Ealing when your organisation registers 
  • Training and peer support and networking through the Volunteer Managers’ Forum which meets four times a year 
  • Invitation to special events to support volunteering 
  • Access to awarding your volunteers for their voluntary service 
  • Advice and support to manage your volunteering programme economically and efficiently 
  • Specialist advice on creating new volunteering opportunities and good management practice 
  • Access to Investing in Volunteers quality standards in volunteer management and support in applying 

For more information about how we can support groups in Hounslow, please email whitley@ehcvs.org.uk 

For more information about how we can support you in Ealing, please email volunteering@ehcvs.org.uk