Hybrid working: how to make the most of Microsoft 365-CHARITY DIGITAL

Dec 2, 2021

We explore the importance of Microsoft 365 in the age of hybrid working and how it can help charities work more efficiently

Operating in the Cloud, Microsoft 365 offers charities much more flexibility. The Cloud stores your data remotely and securely, giving employees 24/7 access to their documents, and it’s very cost-effective.

With the Cloud, there is no having to download documents and reupload them – you and your team can edit them as you go, with complete visibility of any changes and with the knowledge that you’re all up to speed, increasing productivity.

It’s also more energy efficient than alternatives – though you can calculate its environmental footprint here.

The free versions of Microsoft 365 can provide charities with the essentials they need, but eligible organisations can also get access to a discounted version of the premium subscription software through the Charity Digital Exchange.

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