How can we help our most vulnerable residents through COVID-19

Jan 21, 2021

In Hounslow, COVID-19 has been very challenging for everyone and our voluntary and community groups have done some fantastic work finding new ways to ensure that our residents can access the essential support and services that they need.
In Hounslow some 23,000 residents are shielded or classified as clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) and we want to understand more about how your organisation and your volunteers can continue to work with the Council to ensure the right support is in place for residents in the Borough who might need extra support and help.

It would be very helpful if you could please give us your feedback on the work you have been doing during the pandemic, and in particular how you have been using your volunteers to support people in need

We have put together a small set of questions that would help us to learn how we can better support people through this crisis.

They will take only a few minutes to complete and can be found on the Hounslow Council website

Your help is very much appreciated!

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