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Hounslow VCSE Survey 2016 – results are now available

Mar 1, 2017 | LBH

The Hounslow VCSE Survey 2016 was carried out by Hounslow Council’s Community Partnerships Unit between September and November 2016.
This is the fourth annual survey of the sector and was open to all charities, social enterprises, faith and community groups in Hounslow.
The aim of the survey is to obtain information and feedback from Hounslow’s VCSE organisations so that the council’s  Community Partnerships Unit is able to:
•             Assess the state of the sector.
•             Identify trends in the sector.
•             Identify challenges being faced by the organisations in the VCSE sector.
In addition the survey provides:
•             Information about changes to the sector in the last 12 months.
•             Expectations of the sector for the next 12 months.
•             Information for local infrastructure organisations to use – such as HCN and HVSSS.
•             Data to support the council’s partnership work for 2017/18.
 To read the report click here

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