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The majority of our training is delivered by expert trainers with extensive experience of working and volunteering in the voluntary and community sector.  All trainers are fully qualified and bring with them a range of skills and experience which enables us to provide you with a high quality training programme.

What we do

We are continuously developing new and innovative training to ensure staff and volunteers in the voluntary sector are able to attend training that not only helps their professional development but enables the voluntary sector to deliver high quality services.

  • Deliver a seasonal training programme to VCS in Hounslow
  • Conduct bi-annual surveys to identify and respond to the training needs within the sector
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate our training to ensure we are providing high quality training solutions
  • Provide affordable in-house training for organisations who require a bespoke service

We also include a comprehensive training section in every Hounslow VCS e-newsletter. This includes special courses within and outside the borough on a huge range of topics from safeguarding children to using social media. Many of the courses are free or affordable for community groups, so sign-up to receive these monthly bulletins.

How we can help

Hounslow is a large diverse borough and we understand that each organisation has their own pressures and priorities, which is why we offer a range of courses to suit the needs of new developing organisations as well as those who are well established and experienced.

For further information about ACHIEVE and training currently on offer, please contact Iain Elliott –

Upcoming Training Sessions

This Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and children training course provides you with all the knowledge you need to safeguard vulnerable adults.It explains your safeguarding responsibilities, how to recognise signs of abuse and neglect, and how to report your concerns. Upon completion of the training, you will be confident in promoting a good quality of life for all vulnerable adults and children.

Introduction – defining safeguarding, safeguarding key principles, who is a vulnerable adult, case studies, and why training is important.
Why are Vulnerable Adults at Risk? – what is abuse, who commits abuse, case study, factors that increase risk, and mental capacity.
Types of Abuse – types of abuse and a case study.
Responding to a Disclosure – failing to disclose, discovering concerns, responding to a disclosure, recording a disclosure, reporting a disclosure, whistleblowing, and a case study.
Reporting Your Concerns – your responsibilities, why some people don’t take action, who to report to, if the report isn’t taken seriously, if the concerns are about a professional, when to report a concern, checking existing reports, what you should report, after reporting, and recording information.
After a Referral – adult social care, strategy discussions, safeguarding case conference, protection plans, reviewing a protection plan, and closing a protection plan.

Aims of the Course
Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand why safeguarding vulnerable adults and children training is so important for everyone within your organisation.
  • Have an awareness of which adults are most at risk and which factors increase the likelihood of being at risk from harm.
  • Know more about the different categories of abuse, plus the potential warning signs associated with each type.
  • Understand how to respond appropriately to a disclosure from a vulnerable adult and know what to do next.
  • Know how to report any concerns that you may have.
  • Understand what happens in the safeguarding process after a referral to adult social care has been made.

For more information click here

Fundraising Training

Does your organisation need funding?

There will be a workshop about Fundraising on Thursday 10th October 2-4pm at the  CAN Mezzanine, 2nd Floor Treaty Centre, High Street, Hounslow, TW3 1ES

This workshop will be led by Iain Elliott, Funding and Group Development Officer.

The workshop will provide information on Finding funders, drafting proposals, completing applications, supporting evidence are all part of the essential voluntary sector activity. The Fundraising Training will cover fundraising essentials and will give you an overview of where to start and how to proceed with confidence and knowledge.

The workshop is open to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in Hounslow and migrant community groups.
To register for the workshop click here

Measuring the Impact of your Service

If you want to show to potential funders and other stakeholders, what difference your work makes, then collecting credible data is a skill we can help you to develop.

On this course you’ll learn which data collection methods are most appropriate for different types of project and how you can collect numbers and stories to demonstrate the effect your work has had. Through discussing practical examples you’ll learn how to develop data collection tools including questionnaires and interview topic guides – and how to ask the right questions.

By the end of the session you will have:

  • More confidence to choose appropriate data collection methods and tools from those available.
  • An improved ability to design and use quantitative and qualitative data collection tools.
  • More knowledge of good practice in applying data collection processes.
  • Planned how you can improve the way you measure your results.

For enquiries please email

To register for the workshop click here

Research Tools

Using statistics to improve your funding bids
Consistent feedback from funders tells us that bids often fail because there is not enough ‘evidence of need’ for the proposed work.
Statistics are a key ingredient for a strong needs statement and persuasive funding bids. They can also give you valuable insight to plan and focus your work in general.
There is a LOT of information out there, not all of it user-friendly or reliable. So how do you identify what you need and find it online?

This training will introduce you to:
• What are statistics and why use them?
• Sources of reliable statistics
• Selecting and transforming statistics to support your message
• Importance of gathering your own statistics

The training session is open to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in Hounslow and migrant community groups.

The session is delivered by Iain Elliot, Funding and Group Development Officer. For any queries please email

To register for this Workshop click here

Safeguarding Training

A comprehensive programme of safeguarding training is on offer from London Borough of Hounslow’s Childrens Safeguarding Board (HSCB). These courses build capacity to recognise abuse or neglect, how best to respond and to understand when early help or child protection services are needed.

The HSCB programme covers a wide range of topics including Introduction to Safeguarding, Child Sexual Exploitation, Gang Involvement, and Forced Marriage. Many topics are also available as online modules too. Click here for the full list of courses.

For bookings and enquiries please email