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Using social media

Your number one job is to build your online credibility. 80% of people Google a service or product, before deciding to use it or purchase it.

Invisibility is a fate much worse than failure.

Content marketing is about earning familiarity, trust and relationships. No other existing medium is capable of diffusing information faster than social media.

Talk to your users

Social media allows you to have a dialogue with your users:

Show your work

  • Story telling
  • Image and branding
  • Interviews, meetings
  • Side Projects

Build credibility

  • Can I trust you?
  • First impression
  • Image and branding
  • Am I human or spam?
  • Am I current?

Tips on what to avoid

Marketing Language

Instead of “We have many exciting Health workshops coming up.”

Say “Here are three upcoming sessions about health.”

Instead of “Don’t miss this upcoming mental health workshop…”

Say “Here’s a workshop for those of you who want to learn how to manage mental health in the workplace”

Think informational rather than promotional

Good Social Media Practice

  • Think “teaser” Whet the appetite rather than give away the whole story
  • Use news, facts, figures, questions
  • Use hashtags and handles
  • Use key words – search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Use pictures, lists, short paragraphs, titles and subtitles
  • Use embedded links

What makes good content?

  • Content spreads because it inspires a community
  • Reinforces a belief
  • Refutes an opposing argument
  • You don’t have to create all original content, just be a good source for tending content in your specialist area.

Possible  Issues

  • Difficulty understanding new technology
  • Time/task management
  • Communicating impact
  • Reputation and legal liability
  • Don’t intermingle personal accounts with organisation ones
  • Creating a social media policy that fits well with the organisation’s goals, culture and risk tolerance.

Will I be successful?

How people think social media works


How social media really works


Starting a successful social media page takes time, but if you keep consistent you will succeed!


Start with one channel and become consistent