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Technology presents charities with a major opportunity

  • Digital technology is one of the single most powerful tools we have ever had to bring about social change.
  • The increased uptake and reducing costs of technology opens up huge opportunities for organisations to deliver accessible, affordable and personalised solutions at low costs.
  • The scope of how technology can be used by charities / community groups is broader than ever before e.g. to deliver services directly to their users, event management, storing user information, multiple evaluation methods, instant communication, producing training and promotional materials, storing information online, remote working and much more.

There are lots of tools and resources online that can help you and your work to be visible, run smoothly, evaluate your impact, and communicate with users, supporters and volunteers. For an overview of the most popular free, online tools and resources and a practical guide of when they prove most valuable click here

Below are some of the most common ones used in the voluntary sector:

  • Eventbrite for promoting events and enabling attendees to register easily.
  • Survey Monkey for online surveys. These can be just a few questions or complex questionnaires, and the programme can save and analyse information for you.
  • Mailchimp to manage mailing lists and create good looking newsletters and communications. Also has analytics built in so you can see if your communications are being effective.
  • Google analytics. When added to your website this gives useful information about if/how people access the information on your site.
  • Google Apps Reduce your IT costs and help staff and volunteers work together more effectively.
  • WordPress web-building platforms. This gives free and affordable options for building websites that can be changed and updated with new features over time if necessary.
  • Software to make donations Online giving sites can be private companies, not-for-profit sites or actual charities and this can affect where the money goes or what proportion of money is received by the charity.
  • Text Local Textlocal Messenger is a pay as you go mobile messaging service that enables you to instantly communicate with any group of people, any size, anywhere.
  • Storify Capture any social media stream to create engaging stories.

We are happy to answer questions about what these are like to use and discuss options with groups looking for technology solutions.

On this site you can also find out more about Online Design Tools and Using Social Media.

 Community How To is also a great place for a user-friendly introduction to explore a wide range of tools for everything from communicating with your supporters to managing your projects and measuring your impact.