Hounslow Information and Statistics

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Hounslow Data Hub  

The Hounslow Data Hub helps you easily access local data about the borough. It brings together a wealth of data from reliable, nationally-recognised sources, providing an overview of Hounslow and its communities. To see the website click here

London Datastore Hounslow Area Profile 

The London Area Profiles help paint a general picture of an area allowing you to explore a wealth of local data to better understand the profile of London’s communities and the neighbourhoods they live in. The data is presented in two formats. Firstly, the dashboard view here allows you to interact with the data via mapping, charts and data tables.
To view the Hounslow report click here

Trust for London – Poverty and Inequality Data for Hounslow

Trust for London is a funder which focuses on tackling poverty and inequality. Key information about poverty and inequality in Hounslow can be found on their website here

Index of Multiple Deprivation 

The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019 is the official measure of relative deprivation for small areas. 1. (or neighbourhoods) in England. The Index of Multiple Deprivation ranks every small area in England from 1 (most deprived area) to 32,844 (least deprived area). “Deprivation” here refers to a situation where people’s needs go unmet due to a lack of resources. The briefing uses maps to highlight areas of greatest deprivation in the borough.

The ID2019 data for the whole of England are available on this MHCLG web page.

For an interactive mapping tool, click here

Hounslow Health Profile

At-a-glance information about key health indicators for the borough, produced by Public Health England click here

Hounslow Labour Market Profile 

This profile brings together the most recent figures on a range of information including employment and unemployment data, qualifications and benefit claim information for Hounslow compared with London and the UK. Click here

Family Services Directory

This directory allows you to search a database full of information, advice and guidance on all aspects relating to children, young people and families. Click here

Hounslow Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The Hounslow JSNA gives an excellent overview of ‘This is Hounslow’ last updated in 2017. It is full of useful information ranging from population statistics to employment, housing and health statistics for the borough. Click here

Hounslow Thriving Communities & VCSE Sector Strategy 2019-2023

The London Borough of Hounslow’s Thriving Communities and Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector Strategy 2015-2019 is a key document outlining how the local authority will work in partnership to support active resident and VCSE involvement in meeting local needs. Click here

Hounslow Advice Providers Directory

Hounslow CAB have produced an advice providers directory. For more information click here 

Hounslow’s Community Information Guide

The council’s Community Partnerships Unit has created a new, online directory of all of the voluntary and community groups in the borough of Hounslow.

The new Community Information Guide provides the best available guide to the many groups across the borough providing support, advice and important services to our residents.

In addition you will find information about community buildings that are available to hire.

If you are a voluntary organisation, a community group, a tenant’s or residents’ association or any other group that provides services in your community – then we would encourage you to add yourself to the Community Information Guide. This is completely FREE and will take you no more than 5 – 10 minutes to complete.

There is no better way to raise awareness of your group and promote the work that you do.

Register online
Create your own record
Add details of your group – such as the services you provide, links to your website and your logo, if you have one
You are now live for everyone in Hounslow to see
If you have any queries please contact: cig@hounslow.gov.uk

To see the guide click here

What’s On Hounslow

What’s On Hounslow is the borough’s information website for everything related to Libraries, Arts & Culture and Parks & Open Spaces, as well as links to Leisure & Halls. You can find the Hounslow What’s On Guide on this site. Click here

London Borough of Hounslow Strategy Updates