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Hounslow Dementia Alliance Group- Scoping workshop

Sep 14, 2018 | LBH

When:  21 September 2018 11:00-15:00
Location: Blue Zone- London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Hounslow, TW3 4DN
Over the next year LB Hounslow have key aspirations of delivering:

  • A partnership strategy is developed and delivered.
  • A Business Operating model for a dementia service is delivered
  • Upgrade the quality of care and access to services.
  • Increase awareness and champion business improvement to become a dementia friendly borough (Hounslow Dementia Alliance) .
  • Develop and implement a training strategy across Hounslow and its partners.
  • That Dementia friends and champions are created across Hounslow and its partners (Hounslow Dementia Friend Programme)
  • Implement the ‘Herbert’ Protocol .
  • That awareness and training are rolled out across Hounslow and its partners.
  • Equal access to diagnosis for everyone.

As you can imagine, there is an astronomical amount of work to be done to meet our ambitions. We want our Dementia Service to be inclusive and nurtured by all. Dementia knows no boundaries and therefore everyone has a part to play in raising the awareness and  taking measures in providing the best services and support. By standing united as an organisations, partners and a community, Hounslow will trail blaze putting the residents of Hounslow living with Dementia firmly at the heart of how services are delivered.
With the above in mind. I would like to take to opportunity to invite you to this workshop which will be focused on scoping out Hounslow Dementia Alliance Group . the Hounslow Dementia Alliance Group (‘’HDAG’’) will work towards:

  • taking proactive steps to becoming a Dementia Friendly Borough through the Hounslow Dementia Friend Programme
  • Raising the awareness of dementia across LB Hounslow
  • Putting the people at the heart of what we do
  • Aligning Hounslow Alliance Group to a Partnership Dementia Strategy

Setting up a Dementia Action Alliance is a great way for a community to work together to become more dementia friendly. We look for Hounslow Alliance to be led by a steering group which will draw up a plan of the actions needed and monitor progress.  We aim to have a mix of members to ensure that actions agreed and carried out by the group are collaborative and inclusive of all.
Refreshments (Including lunch) will be provided so would appreciate if you could confirm your attendance no later than Wednesday 19 September by emailing

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