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Health and Wellbeing

Much of the work done by local voluntary and community groups influences people’s health and wellbeing. Whether it’s actively raising awareness about health issues, or running enjoyable social activities that help people connect with each other, the work of local voluntary groups can improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities in many ways.

Local voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups also tend to come into contact with people who are  most in need of support to stay well. VCS organisations are an important route for people to find encouragement to take control of their health and find out about local health and social care services that could help them.

For these reasons, Hounslow Community Network and Hounslow Voluntary Sector Support Service have made health and wellbeing an important part of their work. We partner with Hounslow Council and Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to:

  • Raise awareness of health issues
  • Produce and share health information and resources
  • Involve local groups and residents in service design
  • Represent the views of equalities groups to inform service development
  • Build the capacity of local VCS groups to deliver quality health and wellbeing services

You will find in this health section information and useful links on a range of health topics including healthy eating, diabetes, mental health and cancer awareness.

VCS groups are encouraged to make use of these resources and share with their staff, volunteers and service users.

Hounslow Community Network also hosts the Hounslow Health and Social Care Forum. Click here to find out more about the forum and how to get involved.