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Mar 11, 2021 | Digital Champions

Being FABULOUS in business

( if no where else )

This month I have been feeling really creative, so I wanted to share some explanations, tips and templates with you that will support you with the foundation of your business – the one thing that makes you stand out from your competitors – your BRAND.

Again, you have 3 blog posts to choose from – I’m so good to you! – so please once you have finished last month’s pieces of gold, get another cuppa and have a read:

The first article explains the different elements required for your brand identity and why they need to be considered. The next one is a step by step guide to designing your own brand identity and also included is a Brand Style Guide Template. The last article sounds the dullest post in the world but it explains how your 4 marketing elements (brand, website, social media and materials) all work together, starting with your brand 🙂

This month I’m starting “Wix-a-pedia” which is my cleverly thought out name for a guide I’ll to Wix websites, how you can design them and other features of this great tool, so please stick around for more of my nonsense .. in the meanwhile here is the link to my blog for all of my tips and advice on businessy stuff:

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