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Invest In Digital Development

Personal  DIGITAL Trainer

 If the charity sector has learnt one thing from the pandemic,  it is the importance of digital transformation.

It’s time for organisations to seize the digital day

Get  your organisation in Shape

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Digital is a growing area for many charities, from strategy, to fundraising, to communications. Experience has shown that charities need to be bold when tackling digital and make sure it is fundamental how they use it right across their organisations. 


The Complete Face book Guide For Small Non – Profits


Request Free IT Support At Home

AbilityNet’s Tech volunteers provide free IT support to older people and disabled people of any age. Our volunteers can support people located anywhere in the UK. They are all disclosure-checked and can help with all sorts of IT (information technology) challenges, from setting up new equipment, fixing technical issues, showing you how to stay connected to family and use online services

Making digital work: 12 questions for trustees to consider

This guidance has been developed by the Charity Commission, Grant Thornton and Zoe Amar Communications.

Charity Digital – Four easy and effective digital strategies

1. Create a digital presence
2. Digitally enable your services
3. Enable digital transactions
4. Run digital events

By Paul Rubens

‘Tis the season to be cyber aware

There are many warnings that can alert you to a phishing attempt, but the most common signs to look out for are:

  • Grammar and spelling errors
  • Inconsistencies in email addresses, links, and domain names
  • Threats or a sense of urgency
  • Unusual requests
  • Request for credentials, payment information, or other personal details

What is malware?

What to know when starting a TikTok channel

Using TikTok helps me understand what’s trending, what type of content is doing well and why. TikTok differs from Twitter in that you don’t need to be browsing Twitter all the time to write a tweet. But, you do need to know what other people are creating to be able to make a TikTok.
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