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Food Roots 2 Grants Programme

Jun 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

The aim of the Food Roots programme is to help food partnerships across London to develop and embed more sustainable and resilient ways of working to better support food insecure Londoners, especially those who are forced to rely on emergency food aid.

This prospectus relates to the grant-giving element of the Food Roots 2 programme. Grantees can represent new or existing partnerships and must have a proposal to use partnership working to respond effectively to food insecurity in their local communities.

Food Roots 2 is being launched to build on the work of previous iterations of the Food Roots programme, and has the following four objectives:

an increase in the number of food aid providers within partnerships that offer support beyond food – including cash-first and wraparound approaches, and referrals to advice services

increased awareness and visibility of Healthy Start across food partnerships and the Londoners who use their services, including newly trained staff and volunteers who can signpost and support applications and better links between statutory and voluntary sector work on Healthy Start

new and strengthened relationships across the VCS within an area, and between local authorities and local community food providers, helping to develop and embed strategic solutions to shorter-term delivery challenges arising from spikes in demand for emergency food aid

improved ability of food partnerships to access sustainable external funding

There are two levels of grant award available, to cover 12 months of delivery. Level One grants will have a value of up to £25,000, and Level Two grants will be awarded at a maximum £45,000. More details about the difference between the two grant awards are available in the ‘The project’ and ‘Deliverables’ sections of the prospectus.

To apply, applicants should respond to all questions for the grant level their applying for in the ‘Application Form’ and send their responses to Applicants are requested to stay within the stated word limit. Applicants may complete this document and submit it as an attachment or copy the questions into a new document and submit this separately. More details about how to apply can be found in the ‘Application process’ and ‘Application guidance’ sections of this document.

The lead applicant should complete the application form on behalf of a partnership. The lead applicant (or their stated designee) may be contacted by GLA officers to answer clarification questions if needed.

For more information click here

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