Working with Word Tables – Laying Out Information with Microsoft Word

Oct 5, 2021


Working with Word Tables – Laying Out Information with Microsoft Word

Would you like to be able to format text rapidly and organise it into neat columns?

Do you need more appropriate ways to lay out Word text?

Are you currently pressing the SpaceBar key several times to get text lined up?

Working with Word Tables is an effective workshop giving plenty of hands-on experience. It will enable you to have the confidence and skills to create, edit and format Word tables.

Audience: Those who have never had formal training in Microsoft Word and those who learnt some time ago but are not comfortable with the package. This session will be of benefit to anyone who wants to be able to layout text in appropriate ways. Sometimes although people have used tables for some time, they are not aware of techniques such as getting two or more columns to be of equal width. Anyone who uses tables but feels they are not using them to their full potential should also attend.


  • To create Word tables
  • Format tables
  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Adjust column widths, row heights
  • Merge cells
  • Split cells
  • Add or remove borders and shading
  • Sort data within a table
  • Splitting tables
  • Showing column headings on each page of a long table


  • Confidence to create Word tables
  • Creation of professional looking reports, letters and business plans with ease

Session Length: 1.5 hours


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