Cyber Security and GDPR for your Community or Voluntary Group

May 28, 2021

Staying Safe Online in the Modern World: This online training course will be very practical in nature and will help you as you support others but also it will help you keep your family and friends safe too. No techno-jargon or legal terminology also promises to be a revelation.
  • Become more aware of the need to protect yourselves, your loved ones online and the personal data the business processes
  • Understand why we are all likely to fall foul of “the bad” guys at some point
  • Be able to spot the tell-tale signs of cyber-attacks that may lead to data breaches 
  • Understand how to protect yourselves and your families in our hybrid world (office, home and during travel)
  • Understand what to do when things go wrong. Who to tell and the right next steps
  • Know what you can share with others to help them stay safe

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