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Early Help VCS Survey

Oct 29, 2018 | LBH

London Borough of Hounslow is co-ordinating a new multi-agency Early Help Strategy. As part of this work, they are looking to define and advertise the early help offer to families more clearly.  In order that they can fully capture the VCS in the offer, please indicate the following:
Name of service and contact details:
1)Does your service meet both of the following criteria:

  • targeted at children and young people with additional needs specifically – i.e. not routinely available to all children regardless of need, and not targeted at those with very complex needs
  • provides direct work with children/young people (would not include provision of food and/or equipment with no direct work)

 If yes:
2)Which age groups do you support?
 3)How can families and practitioners access your service? Does your service have a referral form?
 4)How many children, young people or families do you have capacity to work with each year? Do you hold a waiting list?
 5)Are you happy for them to advertise your service as part of the Hounslow Early Help Offer?
Please return responses to Claire Bridge, LBH Interim Early Help Transformation Lead,, by 30th November.

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