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Ealing Prevent Workshops

Mar 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

Eastern European Resource Centre (EERC)

  1. 17th March 8pm (Polish) – Sign up via

    This workshop is tailored to Polish parents and guardians and will explore; identity; what it means to be bi-cultural and the impact on children and teens born in the UK; ‘cultural scripts’ that can support or hinder developing cultural identity; and the vulnerabilities around culture and identity that may make children and teens vulnerable to radicalisation.

  2. 24th March 11am – 12:15pm (English) – Sign up via

    This workshop is tailored to frontline professionals who work with the Eastern European (EE) Community in Ealing.  The workshop will explore; lessons learnt from previous engagements with EE communities; conservative political and religious views; how radicalisation affects EE communities and how it links back to organisations in Eastern Europe; far right groups in EE communities in the UK and how to break down barriers when engaging community members.

GNP Forum

  1. 26th March 10am Resilient Women Webinar – Ask for the calendar invite

    This is a women’s only event. This webinar will explore the role of women in radicalisation and extremist groups and in countering and preventing radicalisation. Join GNP’s Resilient Women’s event and hear stories from empowering, inspirational women overcoming adversity to thrive. Speakers include Suad Duale, Nicola Benyahia and Nimco Ahmed.

Small Steps

  1. 24th March 6pm Identity: What’s it All About? – Sign up via

    This event is tailored towards Ealing’s residents and frontline professionals to gain insights on how to have difficult conversations on the topic of identity and patriotism. This workshop will explore what it means to be patriotic and proud of your country, where the boundary is between patriotic and far-right ideology and building resilience to far-right narratives.

KIKIT Pathwayz to Recovery

  1. 23rd March 11am Drugs & Radicalisation – Sign up via
  2. 31st March 11am Drugs & Radicalisation – Sign up via

    Many individuals are unable to access mainstream services & continue to become vulnerable to radicalisation, this webinar will provide an insight of the links between substance abuse and radicalisation and the services tailored made by specialists to support vulnerable individuals.

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