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This forum, funded by the  London Borough of Ealing, has been set up to facilitate greater communication between groups supporting Minoritised communities impacted by the pandemic and will aim to facilitate real, joined up, and cohesive collaboration for groups tackling similar issues. 

Ealing & Hounslow CVS will operate these weekly online networking sessions with each session lasting one and half hours to connect Minoritised VCS groups in Ealing to support each other through impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the voluntary sector of Ealing.

The aim of the network is to broaden the reach of community groups in strengthening engagement and by providing a platform to plug into the national conversation of how the pandemic is disproportionately impacting Minoritised communities.

The network meetings will offer an opportunity for the statutory sector to engage with Minoritised communities with regular presentations from speakers from LBE, NHS/CCG to communicate with a range of resources advice, guidance, and messaging and also presentations from VCS groups in the borough and service providers to share best practices.

The session will cover a variety of topics as well as including regular updates for the sector around specialist funders and opportunities, partnership building, training sessions and business continuity, supporting local social action and volunteering, as well as digital resources support.

The forum will meet on a weekly basis, from 10.30 am– 12 pm, starting on Friday 28th January 2022 where will present how they have adapted in response to the pandemic (see video below).

The first ten minutes will consist of regular updates from Ealing and Hounslow CVS staff on issues such as:

– Funding Opportunities

– Safeguarding 

– Digital Exclusion

-Consortium Funding

Then, guest speakers and presentations from Statutory Organisations & local groups in Ealing and Hounslow( supporting Ealing) will focus on issues facing Minoritised communities including:

– Covid 19 Vaccination

– Mental health/ Isolation /Loneliness

– Food poverty

– Best practices and Challenges faced by the community

The session will conclude with group discussions and networking opportunities on the issues listed above and more.