Re-Klaim Device Refurbishment & Distribution Project

Funded by The London Borough of Hounslow EHCVS has been commission to deliver a digital devices refurbishment and distribution service.

Working in partnership with, Community Solutions, Meadowbank Lifelong Learning Centre and the Hounslow Library Network we will be providing refurbished devices back into the community.

The project also provides an opportunity for volunteers to learn new skills and for students from Lifelong Learning to gain hands-on experience on-site. We aim to distribute 500 devices that will be returned into the community.


  1. Residents of Hounslow that require a device and identified through Community Solutions partners.
  2. Digitally excluded and isolated residents living in social housing.
  3. Families suffering multiple deprivations and/or accessing food banks services.
  4. Individuals accessing support services.
  5. Individuals identifying a long term unemployed.
  6. BAME communities.