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Dementia Friendly Hounslow

Feb 2, 2023 | Uncategorized

Alzheimer’s Society is working with businesses and venues in Hounslow to ensure people with dementia are able to access services and shops within the borough with ease.

The work is part of the charity’s aim to create a Dementia Friendly Community in Hounslow with inclusive shops, facilities, services and venues, so residents are empowered to live their lives as normal as possible after a dementia diagnosis.

There are nearly 2,300 people affected by dementia in Hounslow, with 1,334 experiencing severe dementia. The projected annual cost of dementia in the borough is £105 million.

A dementia friendly community is a borough, town or village where people affected by dementia feel understood, supported, and confident they can contribute to community life and carry out everyday tasks or activities. Two-thirds of people with dementia live in the community rather than a care home, yet many report feeling trapped in their homes and let down by their communities. We are particularly keen to reach out to the underrepresented sectors (BAME, ethnic and minority groups), to build partnerships and customise our resources to be more tailored for these groups. They are often reluctant to seek help due to cultural/linguistic barriers and we would like to work with them also to encourage coming forward for support – early diagnosis is very important for managing the disease. Working together collaboratively is key to achieve a dementia friendly community. We have currently set up a steering group which meets every 6 weeks to implement changes in the borough and we are looking for representatives from those groups. We are also keen to offer our free dementia friends sessions to all.

These are 30 minutes awareness sessions that can be delivered online or in person. Please contact me, the Dementia Friendly Community Coordinator ( for further information.

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