Compassionate Communities Funding – Help Develop The Initiative

Nov 13, 2020

Imperial Health Charity – Compassionate Communities Funding – Developing the Grant Initiative

Compassionate Communities is a new grant initiative that seeks to help North-West London (NWL) communities who are adversely affected by COVID-19. Funded by Imperial Health Charity, the project will support organisations that have strong relationships with local people and are working closely with partners across the area. Compassionate Communities will fund community-designed and led projects to tackle challenges such as obesity and food poverty with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of the people that you work with.  IHC also want to develop a panel that represents people across NWL and will be recruiting representatives shortly.  The panel will shape the criteria and evaluate grant applications, then provide a link into communities for insight and advice.

They would like to speak to community groups and organisations in Ealing and Hounslow to help shape this grant initiative.  They are looking to identify:

  • The key issues that communities are facing as a result of COVID-19, in particular around food poverty, healthy eating and exercise.
  • Initiatives that are currently running (existing projects) and those that could run with funding (new projects).
  • Any relevant networks or forums we can speak at.
  • Potential representatives for the community panel.
  • Any research or reports relating to the above, to expand our evidence base.

Please get in touch and to help design this new grant programme so it has a real and lasting impact.

They also have a Zoom discussion group planned for Hounslow on 24th November, 2-3pm, Ealing on 26th November 2-3pm, or you can talk to them directly by telephone if you prefer.  Please contact them for more details.    E:    T: 07860 104223


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