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Building Resilient Communities: Engaging Bedfont, Feltham and Hanworth

Mar 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

EHCVS is excited to be working with Hounslow Council’s Safer Communities team on this project designed to
enable residents to actively tackle and prevent incidents of violent crime and anti-social behaviour in the
Bedfont, Feltham, and Hanworth ward of Hounslow.

We are actively engaging with residents and local groups in these areas to identify reoccurring incidents that
negatively impact their feeling of safety in their communities. This project aims to encourage to take a
collaborative, cross-community, approach by connecting with others across the ward to reduce the impact of
such incidents on individuals and communities in this part of Hounslow.

To do this, EHCVS will deliver a three-pronged approach to build the capacity of residents to eventually adopt
a safer communities approach in their local area. These are:
– Resident Network
– Capacity Building
– Volunteering

Resident Network Training
EHCVS will be providing training sessions for residents and local groups with a focus on building community
resilience. This training will cover what community resilience is, how it is built, and useful tips to cultivate
community resilience in your local area.
The purpose of these sessions is to hear from residents and identify issues that impact their feeling of safety
in the area. You can view more information and sign up to sessions here (Eventbrite link).

Capacity Building
We want to encourage residents to connect with others and join together to take a proactive approach to
preventing a particular serious crime or anti-social behaviour issue in their area. EHCVS capacity building team
will assist residents in doing this by providing advice on how to form your own group to implement initiatives.

If you want to take a more hands-on approach, to improving safety in your community, EHCVS volunteering
team are supporting residents into volunteering opportunities. You could become a safer communities
champion, acting as a representative for the concerns of your communities whilst liaising with Hounslow
Council’s Safer Communities team.

Irfan Arif –
Iain Elliott–

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