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Volunteers Needed for Advisory Panel on Increasing use of Isleworth Public Hall

Jan 20, 2017 | VCS

Isleworth Public Hall is little known in the wider world, but belongs to a charity dating back to 1863. Hounslow Council is the current sole trustee of the charity, under Council control since 1938. The Council has to cut support for many services, so seeks to hand back management to the local community, which is how it started. Activebase Charitable Incorporated Charity has been set up to do this and I am Chair of the Board. The large attractive listed Victorian building is in South Street Isleworth. It contains the large Jubilee Hall and five other rooms and has been used for a wide range of activities, including theatre, film, music, dance, exercise and social gatherings, as well as numerous meetings of all kinds.
The range and frequency of activities and income must be increased so that Council subsidy is no longer needed. They are now seeking volunteers to join an Advisory Panel for increasing use of the building. They need people with experience in many fields of art, culture and entertainment, as well as successful business management.
They are not expecting involvement in day to day operation or attendance at meetings. What they want is to be able to seek suggestions, advice and signposting to others. They would like to be able to refer to advisory panel members to assist successful promotion of profitable events and activities, as well as obtaining grants and sponsorship. Some well-known names in their publicity material would be very useful to them. Time commitment is not expected to be onerous and will be entirely up to each volunteer.
Hand-over of management is planned for this April. For more information contact:
Ron Bartholomew, Chair, Activebase CIO,
29 Wood Lane, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5EF
Phone: 0208 568 5949.

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