About Balvinder Chahal

Balvinder Kaur Chahal (Mrs.) settled in the UK and soon began voluntary service through the local Community Relations Council, helping build civic infrastructures to support society as a whole. An Economics lecturer she believed in community return and studied law to grasp UK systems, sharing her knowledge and skills within the community.

Gradually, she developed a women’s network (SWWA), was part of the UCA, also Vice-Chair of the Ealing Police & Community Consultative Group (giving evidence to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry), was a member of Healthwatch and an elected Governor of Ealing Hospital. Presently she is Chair of the ‘umbrella’ organisation, Southall Community Alliance (being a primary member) and is a panellist to the Ealing Independent Advisory Group.

 Balvinder has been a Trustee of Ealing CVS dating back to the 1990’s and is well versed in public representation with a ‘can-do’ attitude. She considers it her great honour to serve society, squaring the circle of duty in return for the privilege of education she received.